Buying Lesson Plans

Why Do Some Home Schooling Families Buy Lesson Plans?

Buying a lesson plan from a specialist education company is another option for families considering beginning teaching a home education, since starting to teach from scratch, as well as organising and choosing a curriculum to follow (an educational route that some but not all home schooling families opt to follow) can seem daunting. That is one reason why some families opt to buy in curriculum packs with lesson plans for home schooled children.

Specialist home school resource companies, (an example is shown by generally do not use ‘off the shelf’ text books which are targeted at school teachers who are involved in schooling lots of children in one go, instead focusing their teaching on the principles of home education and its one-to-one, or similarly low, learning ratios.

Many companies offer a whole curriculum pack rather than single lesson plans, and these will address a variety of topics for a home school educator to cover with a child, including teaching objectives, the best ways to communicate the central tenets of the lesson, plus games, tasks, work sheets and activities for children to actively engage in and practice their newly learnt skills.

Many lesson plan providers integrate a range of teaching methods into their curriculum packs so home schooling parents can personalise their teaching method to their child’s best style of learning. In addition, if this is an important factor for your home teaching style, it is interesting to note that some lesson plan providers include ways to add to and develop the book-based skills in the ‘real world’, such as using the techniques in every day situations or on visits to educational places like museums.

However, it’s important that parents are aware that some home schooling families do not want to follow the National Curriculum or Government learning strategies on subjects like numeracy and literacy, and many commercial lesson plans do integrate these objectives, so that is an important point to consider while looking at paid-for lesson plans.

Tutor Support With Bought Lesson Plans

Buying lesson plans from a tutorial or educational company may also allow parents the opportunity to make use of other services, such as tutor support. This is where if parents or children are having problems teaching, learning or understanding a particular lesson or subject, the parent teacher or the child can speak to one of the company’s teacher advisors to discuss the issue of difficulty, since another point of view can often help. Others offer marking services, usually for an extra fee, where busy parents can send their child’s work into the lesson plan company’s offices to be marked by a tutor or teacher.

The Cost of Buying Lesson Plans

The costs of buying lesson plans and curricula packs will differ according to provider, the child’s age, the subject offered, and a variety of other factors. The fees discussed here correlate with one company’s primary years fees for ease of reference. The cost of a curricula pack for English, maths and science for school years 1-6 at a cost of £510 per term, including lesson plans, worksheets, games, teaching notes, and tutor support. Postage costs extra.

Expect to pay more for secondary lesson plans, but be aware that a more pared down option is to buy lesson plans in a book, without the added support, for around £10. These may also be available free to borrow from the library, and there are also a myriad of free lesson plans available online.