Explaining your Home Schooling Choice to Other Parents

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Home schooling families are the exception to the norm - since such a large percentage of the UK's children are educated in schools, many people have never met a home schooling family, or even heard about the option to home educate a child. Home schooling parents may find themselves faced [...]

The Transition From Home School to School

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Home schooling is usually a very different education experience when compared with receiving an education in a mainstream school. A home schooled child will usually receive much more individual attention, and the pace of work will be tailored for his or her personal needs. If parents and children decide to [...]

Who Chooses to Home School?

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It is difficult to know for certain exact statistical information about the number and make-up of children who are home schooled in the UK, since it may not be obligatory for parents to register that their child is receiving a home schooling education. However, evidence from sources such as home [...]

Why do People Choose to Homeschool?

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Since the type of parents and families who decide that their children should receive a home schooled education is very varied, the reasons behind a parental decision to home school a child are also diverse. However, there are general trends for motivation to home school a child, which can generally [...]

Does a Home School Teacher Have to be a Qualified Teacher?

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Parents who decide their children would thrive with a home school education have usually examined the motivations and repercussions of home teaching in detail, but will tend to retain concerns about the actual practical process of themselves becoming a teacher. This article will look at the law surrounding their regulation [...]

Home School Teaching Methods

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Since every child is different, every home schooling education is different, and this is in fact especially valid for home school educated children, since many children start to learn at home precisely because of their individual needs. However, there are distinct routes to home teaching a child, some more structured [...]

What is ‘Deschooling’?

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The process of deschooling is only relevant to home school children who have started attending a school and then opt to receive a home learning education. Deschooling is the process of acclimatisation between learning at school and learning in the home environment. This article discusses what parents can expect around [...]

The Transition From School to Home Schooling

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For a child, moving from a busy school day to a less structured home education, where the 'classroom' might be their living room, and the teacher their mum or dad, can be a difficult transition to make. This article will look at how parents should begin planning for this transition [...]

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