How I Ensure My Kids Enjoy a Healthy Social Life

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Home schooling can be highly beneficial to a child’s educational development. Children receive tuition either one-to-one or in small groups, meaning that they often gain from more personal attention than those learning in the school environment where large class sizes are often the norm. Classes, tasks and learning styles can [...]

Using TV and the Internet in Home Schooling

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While both the Internet and TV programmes offer huge educational resource opportunities, some home schooling families can feel tentative about how to integrate these two technologies into their education plans. One of the reasons that many parents have serious reservations about both TV and the Internet is that they both [...]

A Guide to Home Education Blogs

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When parents become interested in home educating their children, the idea can seem scary as well as exciting. Often parents are keen to find out more about other families’ experiences, how they found home teaching when they started out, tips, pros, cons, and practical advice. Sometimes there are local home [...]

Support and Help Groups for Home Schoolers

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Benefits of Home Education Support Groups Support groups can be an ideal way for both you and your home schooled child to get to know other families who are experiencing the same education system. Your child may benefit from meeting fellow home schoolers as well as other friends in interest [...]

Middle School Teaching Ideas

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Young teenagers can be difficult to motivate, whether they are home schooled or not! This article looks at the specific struggles of teaching pre-teens and teenagers, including focusing on how to motivate and retain their interests, and curricula options. Choosing a Curriculum Between 11-16 Many home schooling parents decide not [...]

Senior School Teaching Ideas

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Even when younger home school children and their families decided against following a curricula, often as home schooled children grow older, parents decide to give their child the opportunity to gain qualifications like GCSEs and A Levels, and in this case the home education system and teaching tips for children [...]

Early Years Teaching Ideas: Maths

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Maths can be a difficult topic for parents to face, especially if they struggled with the subject themselves at school. This article describes various of different ways to approach mathematics, focusing on learning number orders, counting, and counting in groups, and looks at how to capitalise on the flexibility of [...]

Early Years Teaching Ideas: Reading and Writing

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It can be difficult to follow the various debates on methods of teaching reading and writing for younger children. This article describes lots of different ways to approach this kind of teaching, including showing how an education can happen in various different locations and situations. Starting to Read One of [...]

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